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The NGC Prod is an independent record label. Our aim is to help the underground bands and push on to spread their albums. We are focusing on black metal, doom metal, punk, hardcore, psychedelic - experiment and ambient styles.
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Official founding date: 11. 10. 2012.
Re-founding: 01. 30. 2017.

Naga & Animus & Xysma & Summoning & Yakim

Hungarian Labels and Distros:

Fekete Terror Productions
Lost Horizon Productions
Metal Ör Die
Neverheard Distro
Rotten Crowz Productions

Worldwide Labels and Distros:

Aesthetic Death(United Kingdom)
Black Heavens Music (Italy)
Endless Winter (Russia)
Egg of Nihilism Productions (Portugal)
Epidemie Records (Czech Republic)
Frozen Light (Russia)
GrimmDistribution (Belarus)
GS Productions (Russia)
Hass Weg (France)
More Hate Productions (Russia)
Narcoleptica Productions (Russia)
Loud Rage Music (Romania)
Metallic Media (United States)
Red Truth Records (Kazahstan)
Satanath Records (Russia)
Silent Time Noise (Russia)