Co-operation with Shum and Jari Pitkanen. 500 copies of CD co-release with Frozen Light (RUS) and Aesthetic Death (UK) labels. The CDs was arrived from the factory in this day. This is the first work which was organized by NGC Prod according to the manufacturing. Photos and stream is coming soon!

A new cassette-tape release is coming soon. Co-operation with In Vacuo:

The new Nagaarum album entitled "Apples" is coming 27th July. Bandcamp stream can be played:

We are done... Our website has opened one day before the planned date.

Converting of the website to RWD is in progress. Using of the smartphones for the web-searching more often than PC nowadays, so you can check NGC Prod news, releases and the distro on your dullphones too...

We started to edit our new website.

This date is very important to us. In this day we proudly announces our first CD format. Nagaarum's Homo Maleficus is out now. Belarusian label GrimmDistribution is our partner. 500 copies, jewel case, 8 page booklet.

The long hibernation is end. Our label is re-opening now to release Astru / Nagaarum split entitled ...a mizantrópia és elidegenedés újabb értelmezései...

The label was established. Nagaarum - Lombotomia is the first CD-R which was out that day.