New General Catalogue - NEWS


With NGC Prod:

  • NGC5635 - NOCRUL - Quench The Flames Of Life (symphonic black/death metal) - new album from Khrul and Noctis - 01.31.2023
  • NGC5634 - REDWOOD HILL - Descender (post black metal) - the tenth anniversary of the original release of Dannish band's masterpiece - 02.13.2023
  • NGC5636 - FATTYÚ - Puszta (shamanic ambient black metal) - Avius' new metal take with guest vocalists - 02.28.2023

  • With Kajdum's Tower:

  • KTR011 - OWLENS - Classes Pt1. - Barbarian (old-school dungeon synth) - third album of Nagaarum's raw ds project - 01.25.2023
  • KTR012 - MACHINA COELI - Gnosis (old-school dungeon synth) - originally released in 2009 by Italian musician Coatl M. Evil - 02.21.2023
  • 11.23.2022.

    This year scheduled releases with NGC Prod:

  • NGCTR003 - BÁL - Fénytelen (post black metal) - 12.02.2022

  • This year scheduled releases with Kajdum's Tower:

  • KTR008 - SPELLBLOOD - Where Darkness Is Eternal (dungeon synth) - Knot from kolp composed in dungeon synth style - 12.02.2022
  • KTR010 - HAESKEFF - Reflections of ancient mirrors (dungeon synth) - Bálint from BÁL composed a DS album - 12.20.2022

  • Next year scheduled releases with Kajdum's Tower:

  • KTR007 - ARANEA TELAM - Turrim Conceidit (dungeon synth) - Nagaarum's new DS project - 01.15.2023
  • KTR009 - TÖLGYES - I-V. (dungeon synth) - A from DøD composed in dungeon synth style - ?.?.2023
  • 10.09.2022.
    Hails to the folks! New format of cassettes have been launched. We release ASTRU and ÉRTÉKTELEN materials in "trash craft edition relic boxes". This format contains a paper case in the wooden box as well, but this paper box crafted by hand too.
    This is a long time progress when a paper box will be completed but all the copies are absolutely unique.
    We keep the number of copies low. There will be no limits for these trash craft boxes. If they turn sold out, we will start to craft new ones.

    Dear Followers, I close the label... LOL no!!! :-) We feel that NGC Prod has been focusing on too many styles lately, so we must unhand some of them. We would like to continue releasing black metal, funeral doom, and dark ambient albums in the future, so inevitably, a new sub-label has had to show up. KAJDUM'S TOWER, the new sub-label will be working with dungeon synth bands only. You can find us at Bandcamp as well, cick the logo if you are interested in.
    We run this sub-label with FATTYÚ's only member Avius.
    First two physical items is coming in early January.

    This year passed quickly. But this is self-evident if you live in a little village.
    We end this year three more release. FATTYÚ tapes are done now and will release 3rd December. But we show you a surprise before exactly 1st December. Crafting of NAGAARUM relic boxes is in progress, they will appear as a new format.
    Check our Bandcamp for the physical goods, or drop an e-mail if you want to avoid PayPal fee!
    "Relic-box all-in bundle 2021" is coming soon
    Hails to the underground folks! Our band roster will grow soon with a Hungarian artist called FATTYÚ (means bastard in English). FATTYÚ's new dungeon synth material will be released as relic-box cassette-tape in this month. But this weekend you will able to check the new DOD which will be same formas as FATTYÚ.
    Working on the New NAGAARUM album is in progress. I think this will be the only CD release in this year. CD is dead...
    Besides NAGAARUM's Templom will re-release as relic box tape because folks demand it.
    That was a big silence here. But now we are start again. Autum came, and this time give us many more inspiration. There were digital releases at our Bandcamp site. Besides we are preparing two relic-box cassette tapes and a digipack CD releases. STAR SHAPED CHIMNEY's Purple Rats In The Cellar will be the first one as cassette, FAGGOT's Moon Is A Leader will be the second one. And the new NAGAARUM album entitled [Rn] 7s² will come as CD.
    One month passed, so we would like to share some news.
    Two new releases was unveiled especially TOMUSZ - Culter and ÉRTÉKTELEN - Mértéktelen / Elégtelen tapes. TOMUSZ was released as cardbox case cassette-tape, the other one as wooden box cassette.
    Check them under the Releases link!

    And the most important announcement from us now the new cassette format: RELIC BOX CASSETTE TAPE!!!
    Some of you maybe noticed the new link - RELICS. The items will appear there unique ones crafted piece by piece. First of the line is NAGAARUM's two song originalli released as the split with ASTRU in 2017 by us.

    P.S.: We haven't got unban yet from our penalty because of we shared a content from Burzum on Facebook. :-)
    Hey, hails for the year 2021!
    So... This year started with a 90 minutes of (!!!) drone metal / ambient metal album composed by two Hungarian experimental artists Gábor Varsás and Bigman Leacock. Deep and low, harsch and raw as fuck. You can find the wave-cardbox cassette-tape here:

    Many more cassette release is scheduled for example Nagaarum's new insanity called Értéktelen (means worthless in English).
    P.S.: We haven't got unban yet from our penalty because of we shared a content from Burzum.
    This year was a good one for NGC Prod so we would like to say thank you for your support! As a taken of our gratitude we offer the full digital discography for the absolutely minimal price with 90% OFF = 17.60 EUR until the end of this year. This means you can purchase 44 releases for this price.
    We collected a bundle for the 2020 releases what you can find here:

    Jewel CD-s without cases can be ordered only for 5 EUR now (in additional 6-7 EUR for the shipping).
    And you can collect your personal CD bundle using this link:
    3-5- or 10-CD bundles.

    One more release is scheduled only in digital... It will be out on December 23,.
    My English not perfect yet but I am trying!

    Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen,
    Hi Guys, We would like to introduce NOCRUL's Khorne album originally released by Neverheard Distro. 25 copies are available from NGC Prod as jewel-case CD. 2-CD bundle contains All Mortal Creatures Must Die album (NGC021) in additional with discount (and with redeem code of course). We will release all the NOCRUL's albums on cardbox-case cassette tape in the next months.

    We make stock clearing sale in the distro (not for NGC releases)! All the CDs for 2 EUR and all the digi CDs for 3 EUR. Drop a mail to the for ordering!
    Introducing of the CD bundles on our Bandcamp! click here for checking!
    3 CDs for 18 EUR, 5 CDs for 25 EUR, 10 CDs for 45 EUR!
    Thank you for your support in the Bandcamp Friday! This was great!
    We suddenly release the fourth full-length of STAR SHAPED CHIMNEY on tape, click here for checking!
    In the future there will be less CDs and many more tapes from us. You like better tapes than CDs as we noticed.

    Hi Mates, We would like to surprise you with some of free download codes. The faster wins...
    NADIR - The Sixth Extinction: qmch-etd9; yxfs-chmb; fshq-jr9r; 73sz-xfcs; cxwp-yj54
    P.F.A - Fangs: 8mng-yyqr; tbaz-bu6d; vk4k-ef9b; 6zpu-up6x; u26d-jntq
    STAR SHAPED CHIMNEY - Mercury Signs: fg9q-w8g5; l227-c2nf; emmv-wdvm; bbg8-hctg; 8q55-7wcq
    NOCRUL - All Mortal Creatures Must Die: mhey-g2ts; fe73-ulul; lrwl-jjaj; cmhq-kg3y; ahjz-gbts
    SHUM & JARI PITKANEN - Jaa / Jég: k9za-enl5; uy28-ueqr; mkmy-e7gd; fz8y-u5fh; l2zn-juev
    They work here:
    We have a lot to do in NGC Prod this Autumn / Winter. Three cassette-tape and two CD releases are in preparation for this year.
    First of all NAGAARUM - Pulzár is coming soon as cardbox-case cassette similar to P.F.A but a bit of better quality. After we release the new IN VACUO album on CD, the factory is working on the pressing now.
    The fantastic take from SHUM - Lebegő klaszter - will be out as cardbox cassette as well. And we discovered something new... Avaron is a Hungarian depressive / atmospheric / ambient one-man black metal project inquiried us and won! We will release his debut CD in 6-panel digisleeve case in this Autumn/Winter.
    The last one we undertake the debut album of Értéktelen which one is a raw, ugly and rude black metal shit coming as wooden-box cassette tape.
    Dates are not sure.
    And we can be found on a new site. We have Twitter, check this:
    We have started to upload our distro to the Bandcamp surface, so you can purchase items from there.
    P.F.A. cassette tapes will arrive this weekend. They got exclusive creative cardboard boxes.
    New incoming items from out Hungarian partners METAL ÖR DIE and TOTAL DARKNESS PROPAGANDA:
    5 x HUMUGUR - Bring Decay to an End - jewel CD
    5 x PARASITE CROWD - Feasting Parasites - jewel CD
    5 x ANGERSEED - Forver Burning Hatred - jewel CD
    5 x LEPILLANTÓKÜLLŐ - Nesze! Metal - tape
    5 x FROST - Deathtree Mystery - jewel CD
    4 x THY FUNERAL - The End of Life - digipak CD
    4 x HELL FURY - Stuffs community Enemy of the Virtue (Blaspheme and Crush the Cross) - jewel CD
    4 x PATHETIC - Rat King - jewel CD
    Nagaarum have started to compose his upcoming album. Contrary to the well-tried practice, this time Covid Diaries will appear song by song, and the esteemed audience will have a say in what follows. The subject is the Covid-19 pandemic, as it seems. According to the syle: you can expect funeral metal mixed dark ambient, so the velocity is fixed. The plan is that songs will be prevaded with many more atmospheric effets, synthesizers with rude sounding.
    Here is the place will contain.

    NGC026 | In Vacuo - Urbain Noir album is released as digital stream. Our friends Hungarian metal site Fémforgács organized the premier. Link.
    We have been discussing with some labels for the co-releasing of digisleeve CD.

    Plans in 2020...
    NGC025 | ∆ø∆ - DøD - Lost Souls Of The River | 25 copies of wooden/paper case tape - Hungarian cinematic ambient project's debut EP.
    NGC026 | In Vacuo - Urbain Noir | 500 copies of digisleeve CD + 20 copies booklet for the first 40 order - third album of the Hungarian experimental black metal project.
    NGC027 | P.F.A - Fangs | 40 copies of lathe-cut vinyl 7" - powerviolence from Veszprém (Hungary), 11st release of the band - and the first vinyl material from NGC
    More news are coming soon!
    News in Winter...
    NGC Prod step to parking orbit in December - January as usual. Now this period started earlier for some reason, but we are running forward again. Our first release will be a cassette-tape record limited to 25 copies in 2020. A Hungarian one-headed project's matter, check it => ∆ø∆ You can listen here until the release:
    ∆ø∆ Bandcamp
    Besides this we scheduled for a digisleeve CD matter, news are coming soon!
    Events from September...
    We released Sápi Miki's matter in 24th as wooden / paper box cassette tape limited to 17 copies. This is the Geestenwereld ambient project and we have started our wooden / paper format with this item. I have to say it rocks and looks very nice.
    In the meantime the status of Korhadt tapes turned to sold out. I feel again and again that there is no chance to estimate how a release will spread.

    For the details please click the "releases" link!
    I had looked for a new matter for wooden-box tapes... I had thought about a new challenge...
    Wow! I got my mind there was a former album of Tomusz... Let's take a try... BRILLIANT! Decision happened in a quarter of an hour.
    The fruit of the decision:

    Physical format is coming soon!
    It happened in August...
    I got a new from Emp (In Vacuo drummer, lyrics writer, etc) that Zoltán of Mera Erythraeum finished recording his new slow black metal EP. Only one listening was enough I decided the releasing:

    Physical format as wooden-box with stickers is released in Wednesday limited to 25 copies (NGCDG022). Check it in the "releases" link!
    BIG distro update! Three label's stuff's was arrived. Here is the list:
    ELFFOR (Spanish) there were weird band names at all:

    1 x ANDRAS - Warlord - german epic pagan metal
    1 x AGE OF SILENCE - Complications - CD - Norwegian avant-garde progressive metal
    1 x NIEDERGANG - Átszellemülés
    1 x MOONKULT/SOLUS - Transmissions - Split CD – BM from Finland/Hungarian BM
    1 x SENMUTH - Weird - CD - 67 minutes of Ethno Ambient stuff
    1 x TALIANDÖRÖGD - Neverplace - CD – Symphonic BM from France
    1 x VOID PARADIGM - s/t CD – BM from France
    1 x AGE OF SILENCE - Acceleration - CD - Norwegian avant-garde progressive metal


    4 x VACANT BODY - s/t - ausztrál black metal
    4 x GOD'S FUNERAL/HADEZ - Bicéfalo Culto Ancestral death/doom, death metal KAZETTA!
    4 x HATEVÖMIT / NUNSLAUGHTER - Split death metal KAZETTA!

    DEAD TREE (Polish):

    10 x INSEMINATOR/EXCIDIUM - Collector - CD - black/thrash
    10 x STAHLMANTEL - Satan Snuff Machine - CD - industrial black metal (side project of Jurgen from Bethlehem)
    10 x DENEB - Exoriare Aliquis Nostris ex Ossibus Ultor - CD
    10 x EMPHERIS - Regain Heaven - CD - Black metal
    There were events in the last couple of weeks... We have started the collaboration with the Hungarian atmospheric black metal project Nocrul. Their second album "All Mortal Creatures Must Die" will release by us. You can expect the release in early July. The format will be digisleeve CD with numbering limited to 300 copies. The album appeared our Bandcamp site for FREE:

    Another new that the fifth album was released in our digital sublabel! GuilThee - Homunculus Paradoxon (NGCDG005).
    Originally released by 31st January in 2011 as author's edition - only digitally.

    NGCDG004 | Next one we release in our digital sublabel is Gleccserek of Nagaarum (Nagaarum's only non-metal and non-ambient album). The style of Gleccserek is close to alternative rock mainly.
    Lyrics was written about geological ages without full-length concept. Last three track composed in 2008.

    New arrivals today from Rottem Vomit Rec (Switzerland)!
    - DECOMPOSITION - st - digi CD
    - ASTRAL SILENCE - Sagittarius - digi CD
    - BORGNE - 8 - pro tape
    - BRAHDR'UHZ - Land of Darkness - CD
    NGCDG003 | Third album of the cultic Hungarian eclectic metal band GuilThee - released 7 years ago originally. GuilThee was one of the second generation DIY bands in Hungary (made self-produced, recorded and released albums).
    Szemantikai háromszögek (Semantic triangles) contains very weird and eclectic music based on black metal and dark ambient. It's hard to explain the exact subject what appears lyrically besides the music.

    A little update...
    New arrivals from our friend Aesthetic Death (UK).
    - KETCH - The Anthems Of Dread
    - FLEURETY - Inquietum
    - WOEBEGONE OBSCURED - The Forestroamer
    - ZATEMNO - V Petle
    - ARCANE VOIDSPITTER - Voice Of The Stars
    - VOZ DE NENHUM - Sublimation
    The second album is releasing now in our digital sublabel! Nagaarum - D.I.M. (NGCDG002).
    Originally released by 17th Arpil in 2016 by three Russian labels: Endless Winter, GS Productions and Frozen Light. This version only for digital downloads in the 3 years anniversary of the original release. Physical format is available by the labels I mentioned above.

    We have started our digital sublabel. Started with Nagaarum and GuilThee albums for the time being.
    The first matter of this ones is the Nagaarum's 2016 full-length ambient stuff entitled Pulzár (NGCDG001).

    New feature on the website! You can add reviews and scores to the releases already!
    There is a Spring buzz here so we are pleased to announce our new CD release after the Nagaarum cassette tape. This release will be the second full-length from the Hungarian funeral doom project Spüolus. 500 copies of jewel-case CD. Co-release with our Hungarian friends - partners Total Darkness Propaganda.
    Besides this CDs was arrived from abroad:

    Mythrone Promotion:
    - AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR - Det Djävlanästet
    - DENEB - Exoriare Aliquis Nostris ex Ossibus Ultor
    - RAGEHAMMER - War Hawks
    - INVERTED MIND - Broken Mirror
    - INVERTED MIND - Nothing But Suffering
    - EXPURGO / NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST - 'Deadly Remains of the Root of All Evil

    Kolony Records:
    - BILOCATE - Sudden Death Syndrome
    - DE PROFUNDIS - The Emptiness Within
    - SECRETS OF THE SKY - To Sail Black Waters
    - THE SCARS IN PNEUMA - The Path Of Seven Sorrows
    - TO CAST A SHADOW - Winter's Embrace
    - OGEN - Black Metal Unbound

    Metal Throne:
    - GUNGNIR - Ragnarok
    - CEREMONIAL WORSHP - Esoteron
    - GRAB - Typhus
    - ECTOPLASMA - Cryogenically Revived
    - BLACK ROCK - The Mighty Sacrifice
    - MORDREAN - Under The Black Frost
    - SULFERON - Thanatos
    After a little lazy break in winter the NGC Prod goes on with full speed! Nagaarum's new material released in cassette-tape limited to 24 copies. Tapes covered with unique wooden-boxes. This boxes are handled with 5 layer lacquer. Paper booklet and white cassettes inside. Preparation of the new CD release is on prorgess. Our partner label will be the Hungarian Total Darkness Propaganda.

    Co-operation with Shum and Jari Pitkanen. 500 copies of CD co-release with Frozen Light (RUS) and Aesthetic Death (UK) labels. The CDs was arrived from the factory in this day. This is the first work which was organized by NGC Prod according to the manufacturing. Photos and stream is coming soon!

    A new cassette-tape release is coming soon. Co-operation with In Vacuo:

    The new Nagaarum album entitled "Apples" is coming 27th July. Bandcamp stream can be played:

    06.30.2018 We are done... Our website has opened one day before the planned date.
    06.25.2018 Converting of the website to RWD is in progress. Using of the smartphones for the web-searching more often than PC nowadays, so you can check NGC Prod news, releases and the distro on your dullphones too...
    We started to edit our new website.
    This date is very important to us. In this day we proudly announces our first CD format. Nagaarum's Homo Maleficus is out now. Belarusian label GrimmDistribution is our partner. 500 copies, jewel case, 8 page booklet.
    The long hibernation is end. Our label is re-opening now to release Astru / Nagaarum split entitled ...a mizantrópia és elidegenedés újabb értelmezései...
    The label was established. Nagaarum - Lombotomia is the first CD-R which was out that day.