There were events in the last couple of weeks... We have started the collaboration with the Hungarian atmospheric black metal project Nocrul. Their second album "All Mortal Creatures Must Die" will release by us. You can expect the release in early July. The format will be digisleeve CD with numbering limited to 300 copies. The album appeared our Bandcamp site for FREE:

Another new that the fifth album was released in our digital sublabel! GuilThee - Homunculus Paradoxon (NGCDG005).
Originally released by 31st January in 2011 as author's edition - only digitally.

NGCDG004 | Next one we release in our digital sublabel is Gleccserek of Nagaarum (Nagaarum's only non-metal and non-ambient album). The style of Gleccserek is close to alternative rock mainly.
Lyrics was written about geological ages without full-length concept. Last three track composed in 2008.

New arrivals today from Rottem Vomit Rec (Switzerland)!
- Decomposition - st - digi CD
- Astral Silence - Sagittarius - digi CD
- Borgne - 8 - pro tape
- Brahdr'uhz - Land of Darkness - CD
NGCDG003 | Third album of the cultic Hungarian eclectic metal band GuilThee - released 7 years ago originally. GuilThee was one of the second generation DIY bands in Hungary (made self-produced, recorded and released albums).
Szemantikai háromszögek (Semantic triangles) contains very weird and eclectic music based on black metal and dark ambient. It's hard to explain the exact subject what appears lyrically besides the music.

A little update...
New arrivals from our friend Aesthetic Death (UK).
- Ketch - The Anthems Of Dread
- Fleurety - Inquietum
- Woebegone Obscured - The Forestroamer
- Zatemno - V Petle
- Arcane Voidsplitter - Voice Of The Stars
- Voz De Nenhum - Sublimation
The second album is releasing now in our digital sublabel! Nagaarum - D.I.M. (NGCDG002).
Originally released by 17th Arpil in 2016 by three Russian labels: Endless Winter, GS Productions and Frozen Light. This version only for digital downloads in the 3 years anniversary of the original release. Physical format is available by the labels I mentioned above.

We have started our digital sublabel. Started with Nagaarum and GuilThee albums for the time being.
The first matter of this ones is the Nagaarum's 2016 full-length ambient stuff entitled Pulzár (NGCDG001).

New feature on the website! You can add reviews and scores to the releases already!
There is a Spring buzz here so we are pleased to announce our new CD release after the Nagaarum cassette tape. This release will be the second full-length from the Hungarian funeral doom project Spüolus. 500 copies of jewel-case CD. Co-release with our Hungarian friends - partners Total Darkness Propaganda.
Besides this CDs was arrived from abroad:

Mythrone Promotion:
- Aggressive Mutilator - Det Djävlanästet
- Deneb - Exoriare Aliquis Nostris ex Ossibus Ultor
- Ragehammer - War Hawks
- Inverted Mind - Broken Mirror
- Inverted Mind - Nothing But Suffering
- Expurgo / Nuclear Holocaust - 'Deadly Remains of the Root of All Evil

Kolony Records:
- Bilocate - Sudden Death Syndrome
- De Profundis - The Emptiness Within
- Secrets Of The Sky - To Sail Black Waters
- The Scars In Pneuma - The Path Of Seven Sorrows
- To Cast A Shadow - Winter's Embrace
- Ogen - Black Metal Unbound
- Necrosavant - Aniara MXXIV

Metal Throne:
- Gungnir - Ragnarok
- Ceremonial Worship - Esoteron
- Grab - Typhus
- Ectoplasma - Cryogenically Revived
- Black Rock - The Mighty Sacrifice
- Mordrean - Under The Black Frost
- Sulferon - Thanatos
After a little lazy break in winter the NGC Prod goes on with full speed! Nagaarum's new material released in cassette-tape limited to 24 copies. Tapes covered with unique wooden-boxes. This boxes are handled with 5 layer lacquer. Paper booklet and white cassettes inside. Preparation of the new CD release is on prorgess. Our partner label will be the Hungarian Total Darkness Propaganda.

Co-operation with Shum and Jari Pitkanen. 500 copies of CD co-release with Frozen Light (RUS) and Aesthetic Death (UK) labels. The CDs was arrived from the factory in this day. This is the first work which was organized by NGC Prod according to the manufacturing. Photos and stream is coming soon!

A new cassette-tape release is coming soon. Co-operation with In Vacuo:

The new Nagaarum album entitled "Apples" is coming 27th July. Bandcamp stream can be played:

06.30.2018 We are done... Our website has opened one day before the planned date.
06.25.2018 Converting of the website to RWD is in progress. Using of the smartphones for the web-searching more often than PC nowadays, so you can check NGC Prod news, releases and the distro on your dullphones too...
We started to edit our new website.
This date is very important to us. In this day we proudly announces our first CD format. Nagaarum's Homo Maleficus is out now. Belarusian label GrimmDistribution is our partner. 500 copies, jewel case, 8 page booklet.
The long hibernation is end. Our label is re-opening now to release Astru / Nagaarum split entitled ...a mizantrópia és elidegenedés újabb értelmezései...
The label was established. Nagaarum - Lombotomia is the first CD-R which was out that day.